Desert Road


I will be posting various trips we have planned here. Most of our kittens live outside of our home state of Arkansas. We like to hand deliver our kittens when we can. Sometimes it is cheaper for travel if you live far away for you to get a round trip flight and pick up at our airport, LIT. But a lot of people do not have the time to fly or do not like to fly (like us). When we can make one long trip and deliver more than one kitten on the same trip, we are able to discount travel costs between buyers, so it is cheaper for everyone. 


We do not have a set date but think it will be around the first week of August 2022 when we will be able to go. If you live anywhere between Arkansas and Sacramento, CA (doesn't have to be a direct path) and want a kitten, send me a message to discuss travel options. 


We will be delivering a kitten around August 12th, 2022 to Garner, NC. If you want a kitten and live in Tennessee or North Carolina (or close by) let me know if you like to discuss travel options!