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Maine Coon
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Thank you for visiting our site!! Our family has always been animal crazy.  We love our furry babies as part of the family.  We live in a rural area so have always had a lot of stray animals in our area which we either adopted or rescued and found homes for. The problem we always had was that the cats were never content to stay only in the house. Because they were already used to being outside, they always insisted on being let out a lot. The problem with that was that almost every cat we ever adopted would just disappear within a few years if not sooner after we had become attached, leaving us all in tears. Finally, when my daughter was in high school and a favorite cat got killed by a car, she begged and pleaded with me to purchase a kitten from a breeder that we could raise to keep strictly indoors so it wouldn't be exposed to illnesses and take a chance on getting killed outdoors.  I had rescued so many strays in my life that I was a little opposed to actually purchasing a kitten, but Melissa was persistently showing me adorable pictures and I finally couldn't resist.  Our first boy acted so much like a dog it was hard to believe he was a cat!  I had never had such a loving wonderful calm sweetheart of a cat!  I'm an NICU nurse and love babies, so it didn't take long for Melissa to convince me to get a female and have a litter of kittens.  I was there to assist with the delivery and we enjoyed the experience of raising the kittens so much, we've been hooked ever since! All of our adults are European Maine Coons, coming from Russia, Poland, Germany & Italy. They are raised in our home and have become siblings to my grandchildren. The grandchildren love their kitties and can't wait to play with the babies everyday!

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