Meet our Females

Mocha aka Elsa

Mocha is very mischievous!! Loves attention and loves to play! She came from Amibial cattery in Poland 

Mocha was born March 29, 2017


Marbles was a little shy when she first came to us but now roams the house like she is the queen! She came to us from Coon-Magnet cattery in Russia.

Marbles was born April 22, 2017

Mitzie aka Emma

Mitzie has become like a sister to my son. He loves this cat the most out of all and has always had a connection with her from the start. She is the sister to Mocha and came from Amibial cattery in Poland.

Mitzie was born March 29, 2017

Malibu aka Glafira

Malibu won a champion title in the WCF before coming to us! We are so lucky to have her! She came from Milagro Norte in Russia. She comes from lines with many championship titles including her Great Grandfather and Great Great Grandmother having World Championship titles, and mother and father have championship titles!

Malibu was born  December 27, 2017

Mary Kate aka Kira

Mary Kate is a beautiful girl from Milagro Norte Cattery in Russia. She is very sweet and loving! She has the prettiest ruff around her neck and the fluffiest tail! Mary Kate come from lines of many Champions including both mother and father and Grandfather and Great Grandfather have a World Champion title.

Mary Kate was born October 15, 2018

Mystic was born in December 2017

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